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The National Institute of Nursing Research: 25 Years of Bringing Science to Life


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ajn: the national institute of nursing research: 25 years of bringing science to life

molyneux, jacob

ajn, american journal of nursing. 110(10):24-27, october 2010.

this timeline highlights the achievements of the ninr and the many ways patients have benefited from nursing research and its application in evidence-based practice.

since 1985, the national center

for nursing research (ncnr)—rechristened

in 1993 as the national institute

of nursing research (ninr)—

has played a central role in making it

possible for nurses to conduct research

and improve nursing practice. the timeline

below provides a sense of this

evolving work in nursing research and

why it matters—and will continue to

matter—for the health and well-being of patients

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ninr timeline pdf file.