The Nac I blues


I'm sitting here studying for test 3 and getting very discouraged :sniff:. I passed my 1st test but failed test 2. My average now is a 74. I know that i was not very prepared for test 2. But I have studied a lot for this test coming up and I have been doing these nclex questions and getting half of them wrong. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong :thnkg:. These nclex questions have me on the edge :uhoh3:. Is there anyone out there who have been in these shoes that can give me some kind of advise on how to understand these nclex questions. It is a MUST that I pass. Failure is NOT an option! Somebody, anybody, please tell me what am I doing wrong.


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I learn more from the questions that I get wrong than the ones I get right. Reading the rationals for why the correct answer is correct and the wrong answers are wrong teach not only content, but test taking strategy. Also, recognize that questions from an NCLEX book may ask about content not covered in NAC I. Don't worry so much about how many you miss as long as you are learning something from the ones you answer incorrectly.


PS. Just my $0.02 (I was in NAC I last semester), there was not one test question that was not covered in lecture notes. Make sure you UNDERSTAND the concepts covered in class backwards and forwards. If you have questions on something get the number of a SAC tutor and give them a call!


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Thank you so much smart. I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting back to you, but you know how fast things move in Nac I as you get closer to the end. I did well on the remaining tests. But I will still keep your number. Thanks for extending your hand it means a lot.

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