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The MSN and the dirty tissue incident...

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I was at clinical last Thursday afternoon gathering information from my clients chart at the wall desk next to her room. I was there for quit a while and hadn't looked up for several minutes. I sensed someone behind me and quickly glanced around to see another group's clinical instructor walking up behind me. I went back to reading the chart and I heard her say in a not so low voice, "I'm an MSN, but I guess I can bend over and pick up this dirty tissue!" I looked around again and saw her bend over and pick it up. Now I don't think she was directing the comment at me, but she was definitely saying it loud enough so that I would hear her. If I had seen the tissue I would have picked it up. I've picked up my fair share of trash of off the hospital floors already and it has never bothered me, nor did I think that I was special for having done it. I thought this woman was stuck on herself before this incident, now I know she is! I thank my lucky stars that she is not my clinical instructor this term! I was wondering how many of you also have instructors that think they are God's gift to the nursing profession.


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At least you don't live with her.


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I'm an MSN and I fill water pitchers, put people off and on the bed pan, answer call bells, empty trash if it needs, and many other tasks too numerous to list that seem to be beneath many RN's- because I am a Nurse, and that is what real Nurses do.

i would like to go on record and praise my clinical instructor! she is the best instructor for this job in the whole world, honestly! she is not a snob, not beyond helping in any situation and i have learned so much from her in just 5 weeks time. she has a teaching style that is absolutely wonderful in the approach to getting us to learn by doing the pathos, med cards, post conference meetings, etc. her style is not one that she is above anybody else, just there to guide us properly and as a colleague. we adore her! i wish that everyone had the opportunity to learn with her as i feel that if they think they are so far above us that they are not human,we dont respect them and we will not learn from them!

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