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I remember when I was in nursing school. As a male I was one of two males among 120 ladies that were; On ADC; Had up to FIVE children; Had NO man helping them, yet these ladies were the humour of our class.

They were so swamped with unfairness you would never see them get all riled up over issues.

As a male I was fortunate for if nothing other than being a minority always had a job down the street.

If State laws are dug up, there ARE laws in many states that forbid nurses working double shifts from pm to midnites.

Check them out because it is going to gradually get worse for the next 20 years, culminating in crisis.

Don't blame, be honest and let them know you do not think you are capable of raising a family (the primary goal of an RN) and working too many hours, without placing patients at risk.

Print up your OWN form for a supervisor to sign stating SHE/HE will assume responsibility for any potential "Patient Endangerment."

and GET IN A UNION! (you are ALL going to need representation)

Louie DuLac RN

[email protected]

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