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Dear all,

I don't know if you have this problem with a person who answer the phone at UMD nursing admission. I feel that I am so stupids when I ask her questions. She only answer yes or no and no explanation AT ALL. I ask about the letter of recomendation and such and she gave me no further information, only yes and no. I am really disappoint and I think she shouldn't have this job. My language might not be perfect when I speak but I think I am not that bad. I can feel her attitude while I am listening to her speak. Too bad that I like the program and need to deal with this problem. Any body have the same problem or it's only me?


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:lol2: I'm sorry, I know you don't think it's funny and I'm sorry you are having difficulty. I have to say, in my experiance, the admissions process and staff at UMD was completely understaffed, not even close to what you would call timely, and often times ill informed. I'm told that they have been making a concerted effort to improve their admission communication and advising but it left much to be desired!

My best results came from atending information sessions on campus. I think I attended 3 of them while taking pre req's and deciding on where to attend school. It was by far the best way for me to get solid answers to the questions I was asking.

If you can't attend, be persistant! Look up the different dept/s under the directory and try calling some of the admissions counselors on their direct extensions. you will almost certainly still get a voicemail but you might have a better chance of someone getting back to you.


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Also, it doesn't hurt to post questions on this forum as many of us have ask the same questions!


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I never really had a problem with the staff there. But like SiennaGreen mentioned, I went to the information session too and was very pleased with the way things were done and the answers that were given. I am a current student in their BSN program and absolutely love being a part of it. The assistant director for admissions there and if you can find her number in the directory, she will be the best person to talk to and ask questions of. Good luck!


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Yes the assistant director is great!


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I don't really know her name, but every time I call the CNL program. They always put me to talk to this lady. But I think I shouldn't have high expectation to UMD. It will happen everywhere. No attitude, no attitude ..ugh!

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