The job of looking for an RN u doing?


I finally stopped all the complaining and woke my self and smelled the coffee. I clock in at 9:00 AM and clock out 5:00 PM. I plan out my day before and divide it into going to hospitals and meeting nurse recruiters and floor managers, back home in my office I write e-mails and organize my schedule follow up calls. I call people as many times as they are important, very politely but constantly. You got nothing until you got something. Until you sign that dotted line there is no deal. You might feel great you finally get interviewed but it don't stop looking as if you still have nothing.

I apply to jobs in the internet or send hard copy resume or applications. My days are full and it takes lots of time to do these tasks and it's just like working but you don't get paid (not yet at least). I am wondering however (and this is my question here) is there anything else I could be doing in order to keep my connection with nursing? I went out and already did my ACLC. What else out there could I be doing in order to keep my connection with nursing? Any suggestions? I do already volunteer at the ER of our county there anything else? I would love to hear.