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Hi all. I'm going to start by giving a little back story. I have and incompetent cervix, and of course this wasn't known when I was pregnant for the first time. I was 26 weeks along when I woke in the morning with bleeding and contracting in labor. Went to the hospital and was already 5-6 cm dilated. They gave me all they could to stop the labor, MSO4 and terbutaline. Nothing worked and I was completely ready to go within 3 hours. Doc decided an emergnecy section would be best for baby since he was so early, tiny and breech. So he did an inverse T incision on my uterus b/c less stress for the baby. I have been pregnant 2 times since then with cerclages in place which got me to a safe delivery time period along with bedrest after a certain time. My question is do any of you have experience working with women with this kind of incsion? Do you think it would be safe to go for round 4 with my uterus?

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That is something that only you and your provider can determine.

Best wishes!

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Definitely only you and your provider can make this decision. Wish you the best!

Did the doctor say anything about the condition of your uterus at the last c-section? I have the same thing and my OB stated that the uterine wall is very thin around the incision site and I would be pushing my luck to have another baby. I was ok with that since I was done having babies anyways and was having a tubal ligation.

I imagine it varies widely from person to person, so like others said, you will have to ask your doctor.

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The previous posters are right. According to our website's terms of service, we cannot give medical advice. We encourage you to bring these concerns up with your doctor. And, we do wish you all the best.

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