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If you had to list the top 3 things that would prevent agency nurses from going back to working for a hospital what do think they would be? Pay? Hours? Just curious.


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I like agency because I have some control, at least over my schedule. I don't have to work weekends or holidays. If I don't want to work I don't have to.

Also, the politics are less working agency even if I go to the same place all the time. When I was on staff, the day charge nurse made out the schedule and the assignment for the next shift, which I worked, and I think everything was a matter of power and control with her, and it wasn't pleasant being on the receiving end of her lying, sneaky, manipulations. I was floated the majority of the time anyway, so may as well work agency.

I don't make any more money, one dollar more an hour. If I worked weekends I would be making one dollar less than when I was working on staff.


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Biggest reason for me would be the control over my schedule. In reality, I'm self-employed, and I enjoy that, though the hours are never guaranteed, week to week. Pay is better, and I do get benes with one of my agencies. Third reason, would be no "office politics". I don't get involved with personnel and their problems or have to take sides. I go in, do my shift, and leave. I've worked agency for 13 years, and have really enjoyed it. I've worked hard to build a good reputation, and it's nice when I get requests.


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Wow. I make a lot more (about 2x more) than staff nurses make at the facilities I have been to. Different market I guess.

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