The drunk (a soul to be saved)

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It was a dreary kind of day, cold wet and windy. The parish priest was daydreaming, staring out of the church's window when he sees the town drunk staggering up the street, obviously extremely intoxicated.

The priest says a quick prayer for salvation of the drunk's soul and lo and behold the drunk staggers into the church, careering up the aisle, banging into pews both left and right. Amazingly, he goes straight into the confessional box!

The priest can't believe his luck! His prayer for salvation must have been answered! He scurries into his side of the confessional to assist the drunk in the salvation of his soul.

The priest sat there quietly for a few moments but the drunk wasn't saying anything so the priest said "Can I help you my son?"

The drunk replied "I dunno mate, have ya got any paper on your side?"


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baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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heheh.... classy. :)

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