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I am an LPN that signed up with The College Network.I found out they told me lots of lies to get me enrolled. I'm sorta discouraged and don't know if I should really do it.My friend is an RN and she said hospitals want you to have a collge degree to get hired at hospitals. Is College Network/Eccel College a real college?Someone else told me you can't advance in hospitals with this kind of degree. Is this true?

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If you just signed your contract with The College Network, you can cancel. If it's been more than a few days, you're stuck. I always tell people that the best revenge on getting sucked into paying all that extra money is to be successful with EC's program. Yes, Excelsior College (EC) is a real college. The College Network, however, is not affiliated with EC in any way, nor is it a college.

You can visit EC's website here: Excelsior College -

You are going to pay the College Network either way, so you might as well give the program a go. There are plenty of EC students and grads in this forum (myself included) who are successful. I have gone far as an EC graduate. Good luck.

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