The Almighty HESI is nearing....

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Well, it's finally here. For nearly 10 months I have researched how to study for the hesi AND pass it. Today we took 2 of them as our final is next monday. My one goal was to get all of the math questions correct. DONE AND DONE! WHooo! One I got 747 - I over thought. The second one I threw caution to the wind, went with my gut and stuck to my guns. Yea, made a 922 on that one lol

I'm going to take the HURST review (I'm the type that needs someone to pull it all together for me) over our break and began studying 100 questions a day and taking practice exams on the weekend via Hesi 6000, Saunders, and NCLEX 4000. Oh and I'm going to study that book!

It's D-day. And it's in November...

It's my last quarter and while I'm flipping extatic, I'm also trying to remain calm to get through that Hesi. I have no intention of taking that sucker more than once (we get 3 chances - no pass = sit out a whole year).

Wish me luck!

Any suggestions and comments are welcome!

850 or bust!

awww no one likes me!

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Good Luck.

Good luck! Sounds like a good study plan! I also have HESI in November and need 850 to pass. We don't have any other HESIs in our program though. I would have liked to have had at least one practice HESI or maybe some at the end of each semester so we'd be better prepared.

I completely agree on a practice hesi. going cold turkey is a little nerve wracking. I'm just hoping that I stick to my plan once school starts again :)

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