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Do you have anything special you do in your unit for parents/families for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

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For Christmas, we buy each baby these giant stockings and on night shifts in the weeks before Christmas we decorate them with glitter pens with their names on it. Then we fill them up with chocolates (for the parents obviously haha) and little stuffed animals and other stuff. One year we had a Santa that came to visit the unit and take pictures with the babies and the parents (well, the babies were in their incubators).


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I can speak from a patient's mom's point of view. My daughter was born Dec 18 at 26 weeks gestation. She had a nifty red stockinette cap that someone sewed (or glued?) a white pom-pom to the top that she wore. Volunteers also made beautiful Christmas quilts that we got to keep that were draped over the isolettes. My 26 weeker was pretty sick (sepsis) so it was kind of a crazy time for us. Those are the 2 things I remember the NICU doing for their patients. There might have been more, but I can't remember, as my 26 weeker is now a freshman in high school!

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Yes, we have a pretty active parent advisory council and they do stuff for most of the major holidays. my favorite is when we get the footprint ink and make something cute to put in a frame that we give them on Mother's day and Father's day. It's too bad that Santa Clause can't go in the isolation rooms though, haha. Christmas is actually pretty quiet as most families spend most of the day with the rest of their family, in my own experience.