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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who posts here. I am in a place in my life where I want out of nursing most days. I wonder if I made a terrible mistake and all my hard work and time was wasted. When I read these boards its comforting to hear what other nurses are going through and know that you're walking in my shoes. I feel as I know so many of you and feel such a strong connection. I have no idea what I'm going to do( have so many college catalogues around my house,don't know where to walk and every other day I'm going to be an computer guru, engineer,"fill in the blank" etc,etc)and am so tired of being tired, frustrated, exhausted and constantly in a state of confusion-but wanted to say big thank you to everyone who speaks their heart-it gives so much to this tired RN


Your comment could have been made by almost anyone here, on any given day. Me being no exception.

I'm no one to talk. I "painted my self into a corner" by staying one place 22 years....about 5 years too long, because I didn't know what else I wantedto /could do.

Go for it. You will always have the education to fall back on. NOONE can take away what you learn in another field. And you will have a job while you are studying too!

I think sometimes I should become a writer, but then I'd bet I'd write nothing but medical/nurse mysteries....and WHO wants to read THAT??

Amen and amen.....

I've been in this field for about 25 years, and am on my way to my RN. It's been a long, tough row, and I am only getting in farther....

Some days are just not worth it, but then I think to myself, "Millie smiled at me when I hugged her, and that is a good thing."

And that thought keeps me plodding along one foot after the other.



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