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I just wanted to say thanks to all who responded to my recent post worst day, mass casualties. To update you, five are now dead. The fifth died early this am. We have been told to expect probably 4 more will die within the month, they have 80% to 90% 3rd degree burns. This has really taken a toll on our community. Our hospital and EMS have really gotten a lot of compliments for our disaster preparedness, which is nice, but we would have rather just went with the knowledge of being prepared than having to use it.

There was a debriefing, funny though, it was on a day that most of us who actually worked the disaster were at work and couldn't go. Typical management decision. We have been able to talk it over with each other, having my sister to talk to really helped a lot. There were quite a few nights we talked for 1-2 hours on the phone about it before either of us could sleep.

I guess that's the beautiful thing about life, when bad stuff happens, life still goes on and time really does heal.

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I'm so glad your sister was able to help you through this. You sound like a wonderful, caring nurse. I hope to be just like you someday. :nurse:


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I "forwarded" your thank you to the same prayer chains I forwarded your original post to. I know they are still praying and will be happy to hear that you are all "on the mend" so to speak.

Thank God for people like you - all of you!


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Here's to your continuing healing process, that it may go well and one day be complete. My heart goes out to you, the nurses and paramedics who dealt this horrid event, with and the families who lost loved ones since. Take care of yourself. And thank Goodness for your sister. Sounds like you guys are great support for each other. That is wonderful!

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