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i just want to say thank u for those who answer my query.yap talino i am quite desperate coz i am one of the nurses here in uk that's been victimized by greedy agencies back home.Imagine,i still have to honor the contract for a year after i got my ukcc pin no otherwise i should pay them.funny ain't it?!

Well the situation of nurses here are better if it's under NHS National Health Service.But if it's private it's crap.Mind you there are still some nurses here being used as domestic help in nursing home.Good thing some of them have been rescued by unions.

I think nurses there in States are well payed compared here but what can you say about liabilities.Malpractice cases are quite rampant there.Please comment.....;) ;)


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Hi there. Working in the US is a LOT different than working in the UK under NHS.

Yes there are lawsuits. That's pretty much to be can SUE anyone......collecting is another thing......

Get .

Mine's about $75 a year.

I'd heard about the nurses being forced to honor their bogus contracts.

Good luck

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