Thank Goodness For Nursing School!

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Sort of long...but bear w/me.

I had a gut feeling that I would be invited into the Jan. LPN class b/c I did great on the PSB placement exam, however, I got a letter stating that I was on the waiting list until 8/04. Going w/the gut I decided to work full time from this past Aug. until I did get in, because I don't plan to work for at least the first semester and hubby & I wanted to pay off a few bills. Sure enough (as I've let everyone know in previous posts!) I got invited into the F/T program in Jan. I've been working through a temp agency since Aug. & since I wasn't sure about school was hoping to get hired.

Although the VP of Hum. Res. (the dept. where I work) told me last week that they would like to soon discuss perm. placement, the Exec. Dir. here is requiring me to train a p/t finance person on my entire job:angryfire. I KNOW that I've done 110% here and have taken some terrible treatment from the Exec. Dir & her Asst. Exec. Director. I guess its just insulting to me personally for them to do this. It is a nursing home & I even considered coming back to work here...:eek:

Just wanted to blow off some steam! Imagine the anxiety if I didn't know that I would be leaving on my own terms soon anyway to start school! Now I can't wait to leave and I hope they don't offer me the position before I can give them the ax!

BTW ----- this just confirms another reason I want to be a nurse. I want the freedom to choose where I want to work and there are always jobs open. I'm just sick being an doormat office worker!

(The other lady that works here has threatened to quit if I leave and they bring the employee from finance in here--she can't stand her...too bad she doesn't know that I'm outta here soon).


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I am very happy for you!! :D :chuckle


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