Thank goodness we can reschedule an exam if we need to!

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Sigh...I am soooo lost on Repro...i don't know what my problem is! It's my all time favorite subject but the more i read the more lost i get...i was supposed to take the exam this saturday and thanks to hubby's work i had to rescheduled to the 28th...well i took the practice exam A and got a 20% (WTH) so i pushed it out to October 5th! Maybe i just got a little bit stressed and over worked doing A&P the end of Augh, Trans the beginning of Sept and Info Lit at the beginning of Sept...maybe i had brain freeze or Tomorrow is a new day and I MUST re-start Repro and do things right!

I'm gonna READ READ READ, and make lots of notes....i WILL do this!

sorry just needed to vent!

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Reproduction is a good exam. Study some more and you will do great.

Specializes in Home Health, Podiatry, Neurology, Case Mgmt.

thanks so much! things have been crazy here to say the least, i'm preparing to have surgery Oct 8th and trying to still schedule exams to finish...Repro on the 5th then Chrono on the 28th...all while trying to recover from surgery...i guess i just let everything else gett in my way but i'm totally back to being focused now! Lots to do, so little time to do it in!

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