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Can you help me with my question .I am very worried.I am applying for getting Nursing License with Oregon State Board of Nursing.I was a nurse from Thailand , I worked there for 5 years.And before I applied for Nursing License with them I went to Oregon State Board of Nursing and ask them about if my nursing license in Thailand was Expire and Do I qualify to get Oregon Nursing License and they told me that no problem we dont need nursing license from Thailand so thats made me feel better and then I decided to apply to get Nursing License with them .And now I am on the processing Evaluation Education .I am waiting for the document from my University in Thailand.But the problem that make me very worry is Today I talk to someone on the web and they are Thai nurses and they all said that I cant get the Oregon nursing license because I dont have nursing license from my country.They are sure that I cant get and I told them that I already went to the Oregon State Board of Nursing and they said thats no problem and thats why I applied to get Oregon Nursing License.And all thai nurses in CA said that The OSBN will ask me for nursing license from thailand when I pass the NCLEX test and then I wont have any license to show them before I can get Oregon Nursing License and They will disappoint me by telling me that yes they need my nursing license from thailand .Is that true ? I already pay all money that I have for getting nursing license with this processing.Please answer my question I am very worried.

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