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Thailand Nurse to Oregon

by pmohr pmohr (New) New

Can you help me with my question .I am very worried.I am applying for getting Nursing License with Oregon State Board of Nursing.I was a nurse from Thailand , I worked there for 5 years.And before I applied for Nursing License with them I went to Oregon State Board of Nursing and ask them about if my nursing license in Thailand was Expire and Do I qualify to get Oregon Nursing License and they told me that no problem we dont need nursing license from Thailand so thats made me feel better and then I decided to apply to get Nursing License with them .And now I am on the processing Evaluation Education .I am waiting for the document from my University in Thailand.But the problem that make me very worry is Today I talk to someone on the web and they are Thai nurses and they all said that I cant get the Oregon nursing license because I dont have nursing license from my country.They are sure that I cant get and I told them that I already went to the Oregon State Board of Nursing and they said thats no problem and thats why I applied to get Oregon Nursing License.And all thai nurses in CA said that The OSBN will ask me for nursing license from thailand when I pass the NCLEX test and then I wont have any license to show them before I can get Oregon Nursing License and They will disappoint me by telling me that yes they need my nursing license from thailand .Is that true ? I already pay all money that I have for getting nursing license with this processing.Please answer my question I am very worried.

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