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4th semester RN student, I need assistance with community nursing


i am in my 4th semester and we have a community health nursing course. i am having problems understanding how to tell the difference between some of the terms. i read the definitions from the book but they aren't clicking. i am using community health nursing: advocacy for public health by mary jo clark. the book in my opinion is horrible, for me at least. can anyone recommend a good community health nursing book?

the terms i am having problems with are the following: community health nursing, community driven care, community focused care, community based care, community oriented care. how do i tell the difference between all of these when given a question? below are the definitions from my book.

community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing knowledge and practice and the science and practice of public health, implemented via systemic use of the nursing processes and other various processes to promote health and prevent illness in population groups.

community focused care is defined as the bringing of nursing knowledge and expertise to the community.

community driven care is defined as care that focuses on the needs of the community as a whole and emphasizes community participation in determining those needs.

community oriented care focuses program development on small aggregates while potentially ignoring health issues that affect larger population groups.

community based care provides sick care in a community setting.

we have our first test on 8 chapters this wednesday and i can't even get past the first chapter! i think my head is going to explode. please anyone able to help me out? is there a web site that can help me? a book? anyone have any good notes there willing to share with me for community. it is amazing how i can get an a in med surge but can't understand this!

thank you


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Try drawing a concept map of each term and definition, I think if you can visualize each of these terms you'll have an easier time grasping the concepts.