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Hello, I have finished 3rd semester nursing and am going into 4th semester. I don't know how I am going to pass. 3rd Semester took all my time and this coming up semester has 2 more clinicals involved. I have 3 lectures and 3 clinicals and I don't see how anyone can pass. If anyone has advice or has been through 4th, please let me know how you all did it because it seems like so much to cram in 16 weeks! Thanks for your time


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well congrats to you for making it to the 4th semester! i must tell you though, you are going into it with the wrong mind set... all i hear is failure. you gotta believe in yourself and go in thinking "I know I am going to pass this semester with flying colors." Don't doubt yourself before you even begin. I am also getting ready to enter my 4th semester (Med-Surg II) and I am not entering to fail. You will be fine. Just manage your time and study!


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I'm in the same boat,I have three more classes (OB/Peds,leadership,and critical care nursing),and three more clinicals,and on top of that exit exam (hesi),for which I'm preparing during christmas break,because when the classes start I know I wont have the time !I'm worried too, that something will go wrong and I wont be graduating in May! I can recommend doing a lot of NCLEX questions and go over rationales,that is what I'm doing and it seems to help me to work on my weak areas and grasp the ideas better! Good luck!

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Hi tommsbomb! Well, you've made it this far and successfully passed so all you need to do is believe in yourself that you'll pass this last semester. You have it in you! I'm sure you know how to prioritize your time by now, so you'll be able to survive. I actually just finished my 4th semester about a month ago and I know how you're feeling! But believe me, you have to just focus on that goal and be positive with yourself! Don't doubt yourself! Even if that means sacrificing your time to hang out with friends, sleeping in, etc ... it's only 16 weeks that will go by quick and after that then you can celebrate! YOU CAN DO IT!! Good luck! :yeah:

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