TGH critical care internship

U.S.A. Florida


Has anyone heard back from the hiring manager for an interview?

I got a call today from a recruiter to ask a few questions. She told me that she would pass my application along to the nurse managers and they would contact me within three weeks for an interview. She said that they would contact me either way if I received one or not.

Ok! I got the same call last week, so that's good to know I was wondering if we would find out either way. Thanks :)

Anyone heard anything?

Nothing since March 10. Hoping to hear something soon. Anyone else?

Still nothing....

I called to speak with a recruiter today. She said that they are most likely finished with the interviews for the April 28 start date. There is a June start date that she said they will be starting interviews for soon. She said if I'm selected for an interview that I should hear in the next three weeks. If anyone else hears anything about the June class please let me know!

Starting interviews for the June start date?? I talked to a recruiter on the 14th and she said they were finishing interviews last week for the critical care..she made it seem like she was talking about the June start date!! That would be good news if they were still calling for interview dates. Let me know if you hear anything because I'm still waiting :)

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