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I just purchased a Nook. Wondering if any one uses their ereader to download textbooks?

God Is Mighty

Nook is not available to download textbooks. I just spent an hour on the phone with them last week about this. In order to view the textbooks, the files are huge and the nook devices cannot handle the load. You have to download a program called "Nook Study" onto your PC (they will be coming out with an iPad platform, but it's not ready yet), and then study from your PC. I did download a textbook that I have to read before classes start. It looks pretty on par with the actual textbook, but lugging my laptop around is a lot more than lugging a little nook and I wanted the ability to just open my nook.

See my other thread about this I posted. I have orderd an iPad anyway. They have something called iCloud which lets you store files off of your nook and iPage which lets you read word documents. I'm sure there is a .pdf reader as well. If the file is too big for iCloud there is a third party attachment called iFlash that allows you to load things onto a flash drive and read them from there without using your iPad memory. I have purchased a flash drive and intend of downloading as many textbooks as possible on it, then purchase the iFlash to read the textbooks from my iPad.

Hope this helps a little I know some tablet pc designs have actual ports for SD cards and flash drives. So maybe even an android based PC would work for you? Then you have access to kindle as well.

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