Texas vigilante law Re women’s health


The state of TX has a new law that provides for anybody to get a $10,000 bounty by suing any person discussing or assisting a woman in any way to have an abortion after six weeks, I.e., before many women even know they are pregnant. The burden is on the person sued to deny it, and if they win they cannot recover their legal costs. This means a driver, a friend to whom a woman confided, someone who bought her a bus ticket, a vindictive ex, clergy, a clinic receptionist, a neighbor you don’t like, a competitor, a restaurant where you didn’t like the service, a ref whose call you didn’t like … all open to being sued by anyone, and the burden on them to refute. Your rapist could impregnate you and then sue you. There are no exceptions for incest, pregnant children, or rape. There are obvious constitutional difficulties with this, information on which can be found in many sources. The SCOTUS declined to block it for the nonce, but have NOT invalidated Roe v Wade and are awaiting further suits.

A private group has put up a website where anonymous people can report any “suspicious” cases for them to report to the authorities, and I’ll bet they expect to collect the ten grand on every one. It is presently being flooded by fake reports, many hilarious. It’s taken off on Tik-Tok and Twitter at pic.Twitter.com/xgpvESdc5b  If you’d like to join the fun, you can. Go to https://prolifewhistleblower.com/ and let your creativity flower as often as you like. 

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