Texas Temp LVN License Expired...HOW LONG NOW??


I was licensed as an lpn/lvn in new york and illinois...I moved to texas in april and was working on a temp license...I forgot (dumb me) to end out verification forms so that new york and illinois can send to texas to get license....i am now out of wor patiently waiting on gettting my permanent license...Does anyone have any idea how long I could expect to wait to get permanent license if texas has already received info from other states?? I need to get working again, and the texas board of nursing is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get ahold of and when you do they can tell you nothing..THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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I moved to Texas three nearly 3 years ago. Here's a rough timeline regarding the endorsement of my California LVN licensure into Texas.

I was issued my California LVN license number on January 20. On January 27, I mailed the completed endorsement paperwork with notarized signatures to the Texas BNE (Board of Nurse Examiners). The Texas BNE issued my temporary license on February 2. On March 7, I was issued a permanent Texas LVN license.

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