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Texas Tech Nursing School for BSN Spring 2017

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Hello everyone,

I am currently on the path to finishing up my prerequisites so that I can apply for nursing school at Texas Tech. I plan on transferring to the school next fall and finishing up the last few classes I have to do over there and then applying to the actual nursing school the following spring.

In all honesty I am BEYOND scared because I hear how difficult it is to even get in and I am a person that has struggled to have decent grades in my prerequisites since I began. I am not in any way, shape, or form, a science minded person and it has always been one of my weaknesses. I cannot see myself in any other future other than being a pediatric nurse though, and it has been a dream of mine for a while now. My science GPA is not the greatest and that is what scares me most of all.

I am just wondering in general, how tough is it to actually be accepted into the nursing school at Tech and what they actually focus on in terms of consideration. Any response would be greatly appreciated!

Which campus are u planning on applying to? What is ur overall gpa and science gpa?

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I applied for the 2nd degree BSN program. I was shocked to find out I was actually accepted! I start in January 2016 with the Dallas cohort.

Have you taken the teas? Scoring well on that may offset a lower GPA. Also, figure out what kind of learner you are. There are lots of quizzes online to figure this out. I study by reading a chapter and then re-reading it and taking notes. Referring to my notes is helpful. Consider watching YouTube videos about concepts you aren't getting. The Khan Academy is an excellent resource and they put out wonderful videos. If you are a visual or auditory learner, even better. Another way I study is to explain concepts I've learned to my parents, fiancé and friends. If you can explain it to someone, you get it. Bottom line, find a study strategy that works for you and run with it. Don't let the fear of not getting in big you down. Work hard and do your best. That's all you can really do.

I'm planning on taking my TEAS mid May. Has anyone heard of the El paso campus?

I start nursing school at Tech, lubbock campus, in the fall. As far as my stats went I had a 3.6 overall GPA, 3.5 science GPA, 80 on TEAS, and over 100 volunteer hours. I however think that it was my interview that got me accepted I definitely knew walking out that the interviewers loved me because they couldn't stop smiling. The application process is hard, and scary but you can do it! Just in the interview make sure you capture them when you get asked why you want to be a nurse. That is one of the first questions, and in my opinion was very important. Good luck to you guys!


I just received an invite to interview for the Abilene campus! There were only 2 days available to choose from (sept. 27 & sept. 28). Has anyone else got one!? I'm so excited! :D

Hi! Today I was invited to interview next Saturday, October 1. I'm super excited too!

Hi everyone! I applied for the spring 2017 semester as well. I was just wondering when everyone got their applications submitted? I have a friend who also applied, and received an email today about an interview.

I had my interview today and I think it went pretty well! The 2 faculty members I interviewed with said that the 27&28th October interviews are the first round so I feel pretty good about that :D

I submitted my application the day it opened.

My stat:

GPA: 3.87

TEAS: overall 89

CNA and CPR Certified