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Texas Tech Bsn program-help me "pass it forward"


Brand new to this board and hoping for some advice on the traditional BSN program at Texas Tech I'm applying to Texas Tech for Fall, 2011 traditional BSN and don't know anything about the program except the information on the school's website. It would be wonderful to hear an honest assessment from someone in (or who has graduated from) the program. I guess this is probably the biggest decision I've had to make in my life and, in some ways, I feel clueless about how to assess the pros and cons of the program. I would appreciate (beyond words!) anyone who has attended the traditional BSN program offering their opinions about the school, the community, the clinicals, the faculty, the lifestyle or anything you might think would help a 20 year old wannabe BSN/RN to make a better decision. Thank you and, when it's my turn, I promise I'll "Pass It Forward".


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I think you posted this question somewhere else also. I was in Tech's nursing program for a semester, and I didn't like it. I was there from Summer 2009 to the end of Fall 2009. I don't know which campus you applied to (I was in Abilene); it makes a lot of difference in terms of experience and rules. I heard from my friends who graduate this May that they've changed a lot of things since I left (all within the span of a year), and it may have gotten better. I don't know what it's like at Lubbock (though I wish I had been there and not in Abilene, I'll readily admit that). If you're in Abilene, Odessa or El Paso, I'm sure this isn't on their website, but you learn from a distance; the lecture is in Lubbock and via webcam (I forget what they call it), you watch the lecture that way. This isn't a problem if you're in Lubbock.

The other thing that really bothered me was the hospital where we did clinicals. Again, however, this was in Abilene, not Lubbock. If you got into Lubbock, I think someone else mentioned they had a wonderful time there, and I would recommend you go. You get a little more variety than the one hospital at Abilene (Lubbock has two or three, which is still good because you get different experiences at different hospitals).