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Texas State - St. David's School of Nursing Fall 2020 Applicants

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January 15th deadline is almost here! Just wanted to create a thread for the Texas State Fall 2020 applicants. Post your GPA, TEAS, what colleges you've attended, updates on emails from St. David's, discussion of the school, etc. Best of luck to you all! I hope this thread will keep us all busy until the end of March! 🙂

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4 Posts; 66 Profile Views

Personal stats:

Science/overall GPA: 4.0

TEAS Composite: 94

    Reading: 91.5

    Math: 96.9

    Science: 91.5

    English 100

A little nervous about acceptance as most of my prerequisite credits come from a community college and not from Texas State (only 20 of my credits will be from TXST). I'm hopeful though!



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