Youngin looking to be a LVN in San Antonio

  1. Hey ya'll. I'm Bre and new to the site. I've been wanting to be a nurse for forever and day. I want to be an RN but I'm looking to be a LVN right away for personal reasons. I was wondering which schools are the cheapest yet the best to get into here. Was thinking about Saint Phillips but the only thing stoping me is my math. Please help!!

    Mucho gracias
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  3. by   tricialynn78
    I just got accepted into the LVN program @ St. Philips. Have you taken any college math or taken any placement tests Like Accuplacer, SAT, TASP? (The testing center # at st philips is 210-531-3525.) Well if you did let me know and I will tell you the minimum scores to be accepted. You MUST take and PASS to their standards one of these placement tests before they even give you an application. After taking all of my remedials at St. Philips, I was able to ace the Accuplacer that they offer there at the school. IT really wasn't that bad.
    There are alot of things needed to get accepted. St. Philips must have your high school transcripts, and any other college ones. 3 reference letters, a physical examination, immunizations which include: Hep B series of 3, Tetanus, MMR, Tb screening all being current. CPR for infant, child and adult. A background check which you must pay for (53$) a drug screening done at Concentra I think that was like 30$ or so.
    But if this is what you want to do, it will be worth it.
    The school has tutors and other things that can help you with Math, if that is your downfall. Right now I believe they have a waiting list for the LVN program. They start programs in August and January every year day and evening classes are available.
    Vocation Nursing # 210-531-3415
    I hope this information helped.