Weatherford college fall 2013 adn - page 3

Just out of boredom, anyone else apply for weatherford this fall? I'm considering the Wise county campus since I live very near to it. Stats: Bachelors of applied sciences 3.3 overall GPA ... Read More

  1. by   formack
    I know the wait is excruciating, but do not give up hope. Like I said before there ARE people who get in at orientation! So, be sure to go. I have several friends who did get in about lunch time at orientation. Lets say there is 10 people on alternate list on day of orientation and you are spot #3. If they first 2 people don't come, then you are bumped up to #1. I have seen this happen. I really hope you get called before then though! There was also one semester where they called someone 3 days before school started because someone dropped at the last minute.
  2. by   britthohenbrink
    The director told me that she has called alternates the day before class started because people waited until then to accept the spot at another school and let WC know. Don't give up, but I hope you get in before then.
  3. by   emass
    Thanks Formack and Britthohenbrink. I'm still getting everything turned in at the deadlines and hoping for the best. I spoke with the secretary at the school last week and she was pretty encouraging. Fingers crossed!
  4. by   camkynna05
    I'm kind of late to the party but excited to start in August. I got called off the wait list a few weeks ago. Congrats to all who made it and hang in there to those who are waiting.
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    Camkynna05: Welcome to the party!! I know how excited it is to get the call off of the wait list!
  6. by   suprababy
    welcome to the party! how is everyone coming a long with the things we must finish before orientation?
  7. by   camkynna05
    Thanks!! I'm actually just in a holding pattern for now, trying to enjoy my summer before the work begins. I only have the July and August checklist parts to finish. I'm looking forward to orientation so we can get our schedules for the fall and I can start making arrangements for my daughters.
  8. by   emass
    Has anyone signed up for CPR classes yet?
    Just out of curioisty, who is attending the main campus and who is attending Wise county?
    I'm an alternate for the main campus.
  9. by   camkynna05
    I'm going to the main campus and I did CPR last Spring at TCC NW.
  10. by   britthohenbrink
    I am at the main campus and I took the CPR class there last spring. As far as the checklist I have all I can get done to this point.... just waiting on orientation.
  11. by   Moxybids
    Emass, just curious, how many points did you get? I have 25 points for the Spring classes and I'm wondering if that's going to be enough or if I should retake the TEAS tomorrow...