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Anyone else apply to UTMB? Just wondering if anyone else it out there waiting in agony?... Read More

  1. by   SaLady
    my interview was very nerve wracking!!!
    also, i think i may have over dressed! the interview was very casual -no suit required.
  2. by   AggieQT
    Actually you didn't overdress... "professionalism" is MAJOR here at utmb... I'm currently a student and speak with some of the people who make the admissions decisions regularly and that is one of the biggest things they look for in applicants... other than gpa and integrity of course.

    Anyways, good luck to you all and if you have any questions about the school you can PM me.
  3. by   SaLady
    yay!!! i got into the bacc 2 program!!!
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  4. by   MerLMT
    How did you find out?
  5. by   SaLady
    they said in the interview that they would contact everyone before xmas if they were accepted by a phone call. they also said that they are still interviewing students this week. so they might be accepting people up until january...good luck!!!!!!
  6. by   MerLMT
    Hey everyone! I found out Friday morning that I was accepted into the Bacc2 program!!
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    does anyone know if utmb requires a interview for the online rn to bsn program?
  8. by   SaLady
    congratulation merlmt!! did you receive your packet yet?
  9. by   glorified_intern_07
    I got in as well! It is a huge relief. Congrats everyone!
  10. by   MerLMT
    Yes, I received my packet on Saturday. That was a relief because I'm out of town until January 2nd! Again, congratulations to everyone!
  11. by   DMDTX
    Just wanted to wish all Fall 2008 applicants "Good Luck" during the admissions process!
  12. by   BrittRN2b
    Anyone applying for Fall 2008 BSN prgoram at UTMB received an interview invitation yet? I'm still waiting.
  13. by   BrittRN2b
    I got a fourth email today letting me know that a decision has not been made on my application and that I can check the econnect to verify that materials have been received. My gut tells me that those who have been selected for an interview have already been called by now. I could be wrong, though. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who has received an interview letter or current students who might know if interviews are still going on. These are questions the admissions office never answers over the phone, and with good reason because students would be calling nonstop.