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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I... Read More

  1. by   ElCondraPassa
    thank u miss Marika...How about the laptops ? do we have to pay for them now ? or later on when the semester starts ? I still didn't get mine yet..)
  2. by   marikadanielle
    If you mean that you still haven't ordered the laptop yet, you'll need to talk with the school because the deadline (as far as I know) has passed. They warned everyone that if you missed the deadline, they would automatically order you a specific laptop.

    If you mean that you haven't received your laptop, that is because we aren't actually picking them up until orientation which is the week before class starts.

    We aren't able to pay for our laptops yet since the computer center hasn't received some form from the nursing school. They told me to check back on Monday. However, the deadline to pay if you are mailing a check is April 30th and the deadline to pay if you are either walking it in or calling is May 7th.

    All of this info is listed in one of the emails that they sent us.
  3. by   ashleyelizabeth
    I e-mailed the assistant director of admissions about what we could expect to pay, and she told me $16,000 for everything, including books, fees, parking, etc. She stressed that the $16,000 would cover everything.
  4. by   ashleyelizabeth
    And that's for the duration of the whole program.
  5. by   marikadanielle
    That's great to hear. Thanks for checking up on that! Especially if it's basically all inclusive...
  6. by   ElCondraPassa
    anybody have any idea about a great place to live at ? also is it possible to work at least a day while being in the program ? and what classes are online??
  7. by   ElCondraPassa
    one more question ; if u have to choose between UTMB and UTHSCSA what will u pick????.... i live in HOUSTON, but I heard good thing about SA)
  8. by   Ashley2561
    Ashley Elizabeth - You and I have the same name, different last names at least... this could be interesting.

    Also I decided on the Mac 13''. While I would have preferred the 15'', the cost was too high, and it is not the most resent model.
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  9. by   Ashley2561
    ElCondraPassa - I'm sure you will learn all of this information at orientation. Also, as to which school you want to attend, choose the one you think is best. I only applied to San Antonio, because it is the only school that will work with my current living and working situation.
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  10. by   haniak
    I live in the Houston area as well. As far as UTHSCSA vs. UTMB, UTMB has a shorter program and Galveston is definitely closer. However, UTHSCSA is ranked as #3 for nursing schools in TX, while UTMB is #5, I believe. I'd pick either one though. I'm just glad to be accepted to a nursing school in the UT system
  11. by   NinaAnder1225
    I tried to register for parking and I am in the 20s on the waiting list but with priority #1. Do I have a chance? What number are you all or did you already get your spot and did you buy the orientation parking permit or are you going to take a bus there?
  12. by   Melissa1986
    I haven't purchased parking yet. Did They automatically give u Zone 5 on the north campus?