1. Hello everyone, its been kind of quiet in here. I have a concern. I took the TEAS and got a 79.8. I am in the Air Force and have to study for my Master Sgt stripe at the same time, so its like I cant seem to seperate the two. I have taken it twice already, (the first time I took it on a whim, without looking at the book, while on Emergency Leave because I didnt know that I could take it overseas at my base for free). when I called to have my score sent to the school, the lady said according the the scores she sees, and the national average, that a 79 is good.. I dont think so compared to everyone getting 80's. But I dont know if I should take it a 3rd time. Will it count against me or look bad to take it three times? I know we have to have the results there by the 18th, and today is the 13th.. any advice? Does anyone know of anyone getting in to UTHSCSA nursing school with a 3.6 GPA and a 79 TEAS? (I could kick myself cause i know I can do better, but I am trying to make my promotion as well.. ) What to do.............
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  3. by   Dorotheadar

    If you have time and energy then I would go ahead and take it again. A 79% is above the national average but last year's admitted class to UTHSCSA averaged about an 84%. Is the 3.6 from community college coursework or from a 4 year university? Do you have time to study well if you took it this week?
    On the other hand, maybe since you are in the Air Force the school will weigh that in and a 79% could be fine.

    Whatever you decide to do, GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   yekpewa21
    Most of my classes have come from a 4 year universities. I have a lot of credit hours because i ended up changing my major from Biology to Kinesiology, plus the classes Ive taken for my job in the Air Force.

    As far as the TEAS, I dont really have the time to take it again before the 18th. I would really love to, but my schedule just wont allow it. I still have to study for my promotion test as well. I was looking at the average of the TEAS test last year, but one thing to take into consideration, or atleast this is what the lady told me when I went to transfer my score, is that the TEAS version 5 is a little harder than the last years 4 version. She said that they have seen a decline of about 10 points from the national average on this version of the test. I am not really pleased with my score, but I am hoping that its enough. I will decided between today and tomorrow if I can give this another go or not. I dont have any time to take off of work because I used all of my leave for a family emergency recently..

    Thanks for the advice!!
  5. by   cdrouin89
    Hi did you get in with a 79 and 3.6?!?!?! I have a 3.61 and im taking the TEAS tuesday. Im nervous but I also heard the avarage GPA to get in was 3.47 and TEAS 82 so maybe with a higher GPA we have a better chance
  6. by   ptlksh
    Did they accept your TEAS scores the 2nd time. I have taken it once and got a 64.0 and I know there minimum is a 85 so I want to retake it but this is what one of the admissions staff told me. [COLOR=#1f497d]The policy that the admissions office has the TEAS V exam is once every admissions cycle. If you have taken the TEAS exam within the past 6 months, I would not recommend taking the exam again as we will only use your first score.