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Anyone out there applied for Spring 2013 admission to UT Tyler? I'm actually doing the Accelerated Program, but would love to hear from anyone about their points and how they feel about their... Read More

  1. by   luckyberries
    Quote from Marromero
    Luckyberries did you take your chemistry at UT Tyler? What did you score on your teas?
    I took all of my classes at UT Arlington, and I made two D's in chemistry, she took off points for that. It doesn't hurt if you make a C and retake it for an A because thats what I did for Anatomy. I'm not sure if the point deduction only counts for nursing preqreqs like sciences. Its always best to make an appointment with the advisor.
  2. by   nursingstudent9
    KRBee- we do not need the electronic versions of the books. My advisor told me either or....I'm personally better at learning when I have the book in front of me, so I won't be buying the ebooks. I've also taken pharm so I was planning on ordering my books via third party.
  3. by   KRBee
    An instructor emailed me back regarding books and told me that the Nursing Competencies books must also include the electronic versions. I'm confused now because of what your adviser said! I would prefer physical textbooks but the instructor told me that it's required to get the ebooks. That's why the textbook packages at the bookstore either include the ebooks or it's ONLY the ebooks. Health Assessment does not require electronic versions, as far as I know.
  4. by   luckyberries
    The lady that emailed me back also said we needed electronic versions of all the textbooks, shes not my advisor but my advisor forwarded my email to her. Apparently she is the one that is in charge of all the textbooks, uniforms and what not. .
  5. by   KRBee
    Thanks for the verification. Now where to buy the ebooks...they don't sell them separately at the Tyler bookstore.
  6. by   KRBee
    Just in case anybody isn't familiar with purchasing ebooks via third parties, I bought Medical-Surgical Nursing (with Media), Fundamentals of Nursing, and Nursing Diagnosis Handbook for about 230$ on Pageburst (by elsevier, I believe?). The Fall 2012 syllabus for Health Assessments doesn't say we needed electronic versions of textbooks, and an instructor that emailed me this past week copy-and-pasted the required books that we needed; she did not notify me of ebooks for Health Assessment. So I just bought the textbook for that class.

    After browsing around Pageburst, I realize it's not the best ebook viewer out there, but it works and it's a very good value. I cannot purchase the package because, as I mentioned before, I don't need to take Pharm.
  7. by   luckyberries
    KRBee I'm also not taking Pharm, I'm taking Nursing research in its place this semester. I looked up a few of the prices and it looks like the best deal is to get the package even though we don't need it. Since it is a new book I would just take the pharm book and resell it (and the access code to the ebook) as new on ebay then use that money to get the nursing research book.
  8. by   Curlymitch06
    hey everyone. I am applying for Fall 2013 nursing at UT-Tyler and the longview branch. I moved here just this past August from Washington State and am finishing up some classes that were not pre-reqs in WA. Anyways I just wanted to put in my 2 cents about living in Tyler.

    I live in University Pines apartment which is on considered on campus but technically is next to campus. They have 1-bed studio, 1 bedroom, 2-bedroom and 4- bedroom. I chose the studio which is one of the most expensive options at $660 a month but I didnt want roommates and I really wanted a kitchen. I have a friend who lives in the dorm and misses having her own kitchen. That being said. Even in all the apartments that are on-campus, even though they have a full kitchen and stove, they still require you to purchase a meal plan the cheapest being $500. I was not made aware of this until I found the charge. I am hardly ever on campus other then to actually attend class because I have an apt to study in and eat in.

    Its a great apartment and the staff is friendly and they have weekly events that are fun. I just wanted to let you all know. Hope it helped
  9. by   KRBee
    Thanks for letting us know, Curlymitch06. I think it helped out a lot, especially those who wants to live in an apartment.
  10. by   jjack15
    Hello, I just completed my first semester as a level one nursing student at UT-Tyler. Just wanted to drop in and give you guys some tips I personally did not buy the electronic books and I did very good in my courses. I did not buy the bundle of books from the bookstore either. Also, some of my classmates that bought the books were very disappointed and said they would not recommend it. I would advise all of you to invest in a planner to keep up with different assignments for each class. The classes can be challenging but it is do able and you will learn a lot in a short period of time.
  11. by   nurse.stg
    So have any of you received the blue postcard from the BON that we are supposedly supposed to get after out finger print? They said we had to send a copy to the school but I haven't even received anything
  12. by   ShellyE
    I was accepted for Fall '13 in Longview and I just wanted to ask those that are already in the program for some insight...advice. What are your days like? How many days of clinicals do you have? Days of classes? Any tips on books, uniforms (other than the info they gave us), things that would be helpful for me to have/not have, etc. I am so excited...and I greatly appreciate your answers.
  13. by   sadefontenot
    Thanks so much for your insight. I am starting this Fall at UTT main campus. I am trying to get my textbooks together while also getting the best prices. I wouldn't dare get that bundle, too much $$. So I'm looking online on Amazon and Ebay. My advisor also told me what/what's not necessary as far as that list of Level 1 books, so I'm buying them piece by piece.