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  1. To ALL of my fellow nurses....who has completed the University of Texas Arlington RN to BSN online program? I got accepted but hesitant to start because I have not met anyone who has graduated. Have you graduated from there or know anyone that has?
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  4. by   Meriwhen
    I'm in it now. If all goes on schedule I should graduate in May 2013. It's a good program--definitely not fluff-work: I'm actually working hard and learning a lot, more than I did in the first RN-BSN program that I was in (and which I had to leave since I moved out of state). The UTA program can be Texas-centric at times: when it comes to applying nursing law they will go by the Texas Nurse Practice Act...however, for many of the assignments you can apply your own state's NPA, as long as you can cite it.

    The program is CCNE accredited. In addition, UTA's School of Nursing has an excellent reputation on its own, at least based on the nurses that I've spoken to, so that was reassuring to me.

    There's also a forum here at just for UTA online programs that you should check out.
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