1. For anyone going into the HCC RN program. I am currently an HCC student; however, I will be transferring over to UT-Houston in the fall. I will happily donate my uniforms to you if you need to save some money. PM me and I'll do first come, first serve.

    The uniforms run kind of small.
    (1) Lab coat (I forget the size - it has a small "bite" taken out of the bottom corner hem d/t getting caught in my car door, but is not noticable ) I had the arms hemmed and tapered to size for a nice fit
    (2) scrub pants - XL - I had them hemmed to my height (around 5'6" to 5'7")
    (2) scrub tops with HCC patch on them - 3X - I usually wear XL or 1X, but these scrub tops button down the front, so I had to have plenty of room to prevent gapping between the buttons.

    I remember having to cough up the money for these uniforms (that I did not like) and if I can help someone get through school, all the better.
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  3. by   WC Case manager
    I just graduated from UT Tyler School of Nursing and have 3 sets of scrubs, a long sleeve scrub jacket, and a white lab coat. The tops are XL, the pants are L and XL, and the lab coat is L. Let me know if you would like to have these. I have no use for them and they are still in very good condition.