Tyler Junior College RN 2018

  1. Starting a blog for 2018 ADN program for Tyler junior College.
    Have anyone took the TEAS 6 yet? Do anyone know how many they accept a semester?
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  3. by   Madmoose
    I am applying for ADN fall 2018! I think they accept around 50-70 but I am not CERTAIN about that and I think it's a different number every app period. Also the TEAS scheduling will be opening up on the ATI website DURING the application period! I am very nervous about taking it! Has anyone been studying? What sources are you using? Nervous? Good luck to everyone and keep working hard! We get this!
  4. by   faithfulgal33
    I turned in my application today . I notice TJC is try sentryMD, which is new. I bought the study program off the ati website, yes i am very nervous . Good Luck to you as well. Do you know how much it cost..?
  5. by   Madmoose
    That's awesome! Did you turn in titers through sentry first? I don't think I'm going to make it in time with getting the titers. I may have to receive second vaccine. Hope you are having an easier time than me! ahhhhh waiting to schedule teas until I know if I'm applying or waiting grrrrr
  6. by   faithfulgal33
    Yes I turn everything in. They did send a email out saying, if the shot record wasnt done, still turn in your application. Are you register for the TEAS..? I register for Saturday.
  7. by   Madmoose
    I did get email and I did go ahead and submit application at the last minute! Took the TEAS today! I've been told to look at the timeline for ADN on tjc website to find dates but I'm sure they could change. We still have interviews left o:

    I'm seeing that we have A LOT of views on this... if your looking then join the convo please! good luck to everyone
  8. by   faithfulgal33
    I took the teas today, not to happy with my score, praying i get it in. But i know a girl who scored a 64 and in level two of the RN program
  9. by   tyannejohn
    Hi everyone, I applied for Fall 2018. But I don't have a few things on my side. I wasn't compliant with the immunity and I'm upset with my TEAS score as well...
  10. by   faithfulgal33
    Everyone ready for the interview?
  11. by   tyannejohn
    Did everyone get placement emails?