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Hey, everyone! I noticed there wasn't a thread for our cohort yet and thought there might be others out there like me that are also looking for some support as we go through the motions preparing for... Read More

  1. by   Hopeful❤️
    Congrats to all that got accepted to fall 2018!!! I got my email and I did not make it I am an alternative candidate... is anyone else in the same boat ? Don't know if I should wait and hear from someone or just see what other options I have..
  2. by   Madmoose
    I'm in!!
  3. by   tyannejohn
    Congratulations! I got mine around that time too, I got accepted as well! Well conditionally, I have to make a B in anatomy which is not going to be a problem!
  4. by   tyannejohn
    Hopeful, I would hang tight! I've had several friends in the past years that were an alternate that got in because someone forfeited their seat. I would hangout, dont give up! We have to accept our seat and if we don't by Friday they call the people 1 time and if they don't hear back they give the seatbelt to an alternate!
  5. by   faithfulgal33
    I just took my teas and I made a 62 😥😥. Do you know if anyone can get in with a 62...?
  6. by   faithfulgal33
    Hey Hope, did you get in....?
  7. by   tyannejohn
    I made a 65 and got in, you should be okay!
  8. by   faithfulgal33
    Thanks for the encouragement, do you remember how many points you had before your interview..? When I calculate my points it's only 23 points
  9. by   faithfulgal33
    Thanks for the encouragement, do you know how many points you had before your MMI...?
  10. by   Madmoose
    I don't know how many points I had but I can tell you that I had A's in a&p 1&2 and made 70.0 on TEAS.
  11. by   Madmoose
    Ok just found it! I had 33 points. Hopefully this helps upcoming applicants!