TVCC Nursing Program 2012 - page 4

Does anyone know when applicants will be notified for the TVCC Nursing Program for Fall 2012?? Has anyone gotten a checklist yet?... Read More

  1. by   mmaxfield07
    @Monica when did you find out?
  2. by   huntress89
    I didnt get in either with 10 pts and 2 current classes. On the alternate list. Looks like ill be applying for the LVN program now...
  3. by   monica83
    I'm wondering how far down the list we are...
  4. by   cword31
    I got in with 11 points.. Yay.. such a relief...
  5. by   mmaxfield07
    I still haven't received an email I wonder if that means I didn't get in at all. :-/
  6. by   cword31
    The counselor said they will be going out today and tomorrow. Hope that helps..
  7. by   mmaxfield07
    @cword thank you! That makes me feel a bit better!
  8. by   aprilgmc
    I haven't received anything yet either. Freaking me out big time now.
  9. by   mmaxfield07
    @April I'm glad I'm not the only one still in limbo.
  10. by   Shayna NRCMA
    Hey Ladies... I also received the email today stating I didn't get in and I am on the alternate list! I have 10 points and I am currently taking 2 classes! I think there are several of us in this boat Keep the Faith!
  11. by   aprilgmc
    @mmaxfield do you feel like youre going to have a heart attack or is it just me? I am checking my email every 5 minutes like a crazy lady!!!
  12. by   kk9921
    i didn't get in either with 10 points and 2 current classes..this was straight from the email....

    I am sorry to inform you that you were not selected for this class due to the excessive number of applicants and the limited number of students that could be placed in the class. We are currently at the top of the list of those with 10 points. I would think that anyone that has 10 points should get on the alternate list just in case you just never know!! Good Luck!
  13. by   mmaxfield07
    @April every time my phone alerts me for an email my heart jumps and I get excited! I'm thinking we probably wont hear till tomorrow!