Texas Tech BSN 2 Spring 2013

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants for the Texas Tech Second BSN program. Somewhere we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the TEAS V but i wonder if anyone else has taken it and what their score was. I have calculated my gpa's and i realize i will have a 3.59 pre-req gpa and a 3.66 science gpa. I am going to apply for the 2013 accelerated program and am very nervous about the upcoming process.
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  3. by   MrSensitivity
    Hi Ladybug3. I recently applied for the fall. I take the teas test in a few days, so I'll let you know what it's like.
  4. by   Ladybug3
    MrSensitivity thank you, I love your name lol. Good luck!!! Did u order the book to help u prepare
  5. by   MrSensitivity
    No on the book. I actually just registered for the test a couple of days ago. I'm going in cold. It's a bad idea no doubt, but my schedule didn't permit me any time to prepare, and the deadline is coming up. I figure on refreshing my memory on some freshman chemistry and some other things that are a little stale in my old mind, like the metric system. Otherwise, I'm pretty strong in math and science. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I'll drop you a note about mid-week to let you know what it was like.
  6. by   Ladybug3
    I am praying your exam went well
  7. by   MrSensitivity
    Thanks Ladybug3. I'll get the results in a couple of days. I just got back from the test. Here are my observations.
    1. Wear layered clothing. They have a one size fits all temperature control and it was HOT!
    2. Get some ear plugs. Every chair in that place squeaked, and the guy next to you will definately mumble to himself and sigh loudly when he doesn't understand a question.
    3. If you have any difficulty with the computer, the staff is very accomodating. My computer screen was hard to see because it was old (or I am). They gladly moved me in the middle of the test.
    4. I finished a couple of sections a few minutes early and it still took almost 3.5 hours.
    5. The first section was reading. It was mostly answering questions about a few paragraphs you just read. Some of the questions would give you a few sentences and ask which one is considered an 'opinion'. I actually had trouble with this section. I was always behind on time and ended up not getting the last question answered. I think you have to be prepared to move quickly through the questions.
    6. Math was about 30-40 questions that seemed pretty easy, but that's where I'm strongest. Even the few questions that required a simple formula provided the formula, e.g., converting Celsius to Farenheit. There were 2-3 metric conversions but even then, they gave the formula; example, how many centimeters in a yard, and then they give you the equivalency of inches to centimeters. If dimentional analysis is something you can do, then this won't be a problem. Know how to do this: (3x + y)(x-2). There are a few of those. There was a question or two over roman numerals, so just know the lesser used numerals like L, D, C, and M.
    7. Science was a bit of a problem. I'm a chemistry guy and not so much a biology guy. The science section was about 75% biology in my estimation. Chemistry was just some general concepts about mass number and atomic number. There was one question where you had to balance an equation to get the answer. Know about covalent, ionic bonds. Biology-wise there were a few questions about meiosis vs mitosis, diploid vs haploid, etc. Cell membrane structure was covered some. The test hit on natural selection vs adaptation some. There were a couple of questions on genetic using the old red flower crossed with white flower outcome scenario.
    8. Grammar was the last section. It was mostly looking at a single sentence and picking out errors like punctuation and verb tense. There were a few questions where you would choose a couple of words that would best complete a sentence. You need to know about conjunctive adverbs, and pick out word modifiers like pronouns. It's been a long time since I was in high school, but even I did pretty well on it I think.

    Essentially, I think that if you've already muscled through A&P, Stats, and Micro you won't have a bit of trouble with the TEAS. If you've had freshman general biology and general chemistry recently then you're a lock! On the other hand, I think a person who hasn't been through a math or science class in a long while would struggle.

    I hope this helps. Based on your GPA, I would honest to goodness tell you not to stress at all. It ain't bad (oops, wonder how I did on the grammar section).
  8. by   Ladybug3
    I really appreciate you going through all of this with me. I haven't had chemistry or biology since 2005 I forgot some of those things you said even existed, lol. I think I will need to study a little bit. Math is also my strongest subject. I am going to order there exam manual as soon as I figure out where my credit card is( it always seems to walk away when I need to spend money, lol) i will tell u how I do when I take it. Are you in the Austin area
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  9. by   MrSensitivity
    I wish that my credit card would hide. I'm in the Ft. Worth area and applying for the Abilene cohort.

    Yes, stay in touch, and let me know if any questions pop up. My fertile memory function has about a 72 hour window, but I'll do my best to respond if I know the answer. I know how nerve-racking something so important can be. I would just stress again that it wasn't bad at all.

    Best wishes!!
  10. by   Ladybug3
    Sa far as biology what did they ask, how was the a&p section???
  11. by   MrSensitivity
    To me, A&P is biology..lol. There were a couple of questions comparing prokaryotes and eukaryotes. There were one or two questions on photosynthesis. I remember a question about the function of the lymphatic system, one about how the kidney functions in regards to interstitial fluid, two questions asking which brain part controls certain body functions, and even a couple of questions about embryonic development of certain organs like the lungs.

    I'm telling ya, biology ain't my thing. Maybe i should just go to law school. My bartender is a lawyer. I could tend bar.
  12. by   Ladybug3
    Lol, I was good in biology but again that was 7 years ago and I went into accounting(nothing to do with bio). Lol, do u want to spend all that money at law school to be a bartender??? That's funny
  13. by   MrSensitivity
    Most likely half the patrons are there to cry in their beer over a pending divorce and he's the perfect guy. Bet he gets good tips.
  14. by   MrSensitivity
    Well, my score came in. Just like I figured, awful on biology and smokin' on physical science. Overall an 83.3 which they say corresponds to 93rd percentile nationally and 85th percentile for the program type. I'm going to hang in there for tech right now but lawyer/bartender school might be a plan B.