Texas Children's vs MD Anderson- Houston TMC

  1. Hey everyone,

    I currently hold a per diem RN position at MD Anderson and have been looking for a full time position for a few months... none seem to open up at MD Anderson. I did interview for and got a job offer at Texas Children's inpatient floor.

    My dilemma is should I leave MD Anderson for the offer at Children's?

    My debate is regarding which is the better environment to work (both are magnets), which has better pay (not sure what my base rate will be for full time at MD Anderson since I work per diem- but I would assume that since both hospitals are in TMC then pay is similar?), where there is more opportunities for growth....

    Any input from either side will be appreciated!

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  3. by   xandarosa
    My son was a frequent flyer there. The nurses are treated very well. A lot of his nurses sold me on TCH but unfortantely being a new grad I couldn't in. I have been told they have great benefits but I think they pay a little less.
  4. by   roubeaux
    Thanks! I'm thinking it could be a well worth it switch especially having a baby myself who might need hospital services and with the new women's pavilion that I can use... Thanks!