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Hello everyone, I have been accepted to Texas A&M Corpus Christi generic BSN program. I still have to take 2 pre-requisites to take in summer which is Pharm principles and Health Alterations. I... Read More

  1. by   butterfly25
    Hey cctxnursingstudent, I just want to know how the program is because I don't know anyone who has attended that campus or program. Like if you could please tell me everything about it that can help me.

    Thank you so much
  2. by   cctxnursingstudent
    I am not sure what kind of information you are looking for, but I will give it a shot. For all classes (except Fundamentals) you need at least a 75% test average to pass the class. The grading criteria for nursing classes is: 90-100 A, 83-89 B, 75-82 C, and anything below a 75 is failing. The course work is not too bad at all, in my opinion. In fact, I wish it was harder. I am a slacker and will do the bare minimum in order to get an A and I don't feel like I have had to work hard at all thus far. For Fundamentals and Health Assessment (first semester) you will have lecture and labs. You will be broken up into groups of about 10, the groups will be different for each class, and have to go learn lab skills and for Fund. you will eventually go to clinicals at whatever hospital you are assigned to, whenever they tell you to. You must pass a med dosage test with a 90, before you will be allowed to go to the hospital setting. These tests are just basic math. You will need to complete care plans for patients in your clinical setting. They are annoying but the main thing to remember is don't leave anything blank. I don't understand students who don't fill out half of it and then wonder why they don't pass. The instructors are strict but fair. Attendance is required, greater than three absences can result in a lower letter grade. Um.. that is pretty much all I can think of at the moment. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  3. by   butterfly25
    Thank you so much for the information. Yea we are taking fundamentals and health assessment in fall and there is one more class. Do you think first semester is too much work?? And do clinicals starts in first semester?
  4. by   cctxnursingstudent
    You will be also taking Therapeutic Communication. I didn't think the first semester was too bad. And when I started, we had to take Pharm along with the three other classes. I think the care plans are the worst part. Not because they are so hard but they are very time consuming. T.C. can either be okay or hellish depending upon which instructor you get. You will have labs for both Health Assessment and Fundamentals. You will have clinicals for fundamentals in the first semester at a nursing home or long term acute care. Good luck!!! And don't listen to them when they tell you to tell your family and friends good bye until Thanksgiving break. It is not nearly as tough as they make it out to be.
  5. by   23dabest
    First of all Congratulations on your acceptance!I will be applying hopefully fall 2012 for the generic bsn program as well!Since I am a transfer student I will have to take Pharm principles and Health Alterations in the summer term online!But I am not sure whether to take them in the summer term or just wait till fall and then apply for spring 2013. Can you give me any information about those two classes?Are they manageable together in a summer term?I would really appreciate any input or personal experience!
  6. by   oliveoil351
    Hi Mochachild!
    How did you do on the Hesi, if you don't mind me asking? I am going to take it in a couple of weeks and I am pretty nervous! I have a good GPA, but I don't know if that will help. And if you would like to pass any advice to a "newbie" that would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. by   TamaraNicole

    I was wondering how difficult Health Alterations and Pharmacology is. I am taking those 2 classes along with Microbiology in order to start nursing school in the summer. Can you give me details about what to expect for both of those classes. Just another note, I am taking those classes online because I live in San Antonio.
  8. by   CISKA
    I have a question,i am strongly interested in applyin for Texas
    a&m Corpus Christi generic BSN program,but any one knows how the HESI A2 with Critical Thinking entrance exam looks like?DO i have to study hard and any website to prepare it?
    tkx much
  9. by   sweetgeorgia
    Hi CISKA,

    I graduated from TAMUCC and took the HESI A2 entrance as well as the required HESI exit exam in order to graduate the program at the end (must have at least 850) and HESI course final exams (must have over 75%).

    On the entrance exam, be prepared to take the test using all the knowledge from your prerequisite classes, including generic classes. I recommend not taking the entrance until Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology are completed. The test covers all subjects, English, Science, Math, etc. There are some review books at amazon and/or barnes and noble that might be give you guide. There is a certain score that you have to have on your entrance exam now in order to be competitive enough to get accepted in the program but it wasn't an unreasonable score.

    Also, I strongly recommend you research the HESI exams (all of them required in the classes, some of them count for 75% of the total course grade) and start studying for them as well as NCLEX from the first day of starting nursing school. Nobody told me this upon entering the program so I was surprised to be tested so much according to these types of tests. They are not like any other exam you have ever taken. And I've taken lots of exams, including all of the the GRE and LSAT before I even began nursing school. Some people think the exams are good, some people do not like them. I found them to be very hit or miss for me.

    As with anything, study hard and stay the course. Those who can handle the pressure will move forward. Those who cannot will either learn how to handle it or leave the program. It's a really good program though, very glad I chose to go there for nursing school. It will be as good as an education that you choose to make it for yourself. It has definitely served me well as a RN today. Good luck!
  10. by   rkdb
    I was loking at the pre req's and didn't see pharm on there?? Do I need to take it before applying?
  11. by   cislas
    Does anyone know what the minimum grades are for the Hesi A2 with CT are? I've done my research and can't find out if there is even a set grade?
  12. by   tiffany91
    Hello! I just applied to the generic BSB program myself! Congrats on getting in! If its not too personal, could you tell me how the application process works? Did they contact you via phone or mail? How long did it take? I'm so nervous and I have 738392 questions! Lol!
  13. by   tiffany91
    For TAMUCC I think it's an overall 75 with at least a 750 on CT. I just took it about a month ago. It wasn't too bad!