Tcc or Northlake ? Please help

  1. I am trying to decide which school to apply to for the RN program. I will need to take my pre-reqs first then I can bridge to RN ....Any suggestions or experience you have for either school would be great !
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  3. by   Lunaticus
    I graduated from Northlake in May, and for the most part, I was very happy with my education. I found the instructors to be very helpful, and I can honestly say that I feel pretty confident heading out into the workforce. As of the beginning of my third semester, our lectures changed from having a live instructor to one where we watched a recording that was accessed online with an accompaning weekly class where we worked to apply said knowledge. I can tell you that this change caused alot of stress among the current students. I like the concept, but I still think the instructors need to work out a few kinks yet. If you work well independantly, then you should have no problems with the school. Also, I've heard (total rumor mill stuff here) that TCC might be a smidge easier than the Northlake/ECC program, and they also might have fewer prereqs required for admission. I could ramble on regarding Northlake for probably way longer than you care to read, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to answer.
  4. by   livinlife1257
    Thanks for the information and your right TCC does have more pre reqs around 35 hrs where northlake has 15 I think ...maybe 18 . I looked at weatherford and they have even less ...Do you know anything about them ?
  5. by   kdk121209
    do not go to weatherford! I am a TCC grad and one of my nursing professors actually STARTED the weatherford program and got out when it started getting crazy. I know nothing about Northlake, but I really think Weatherford is probably the lowest on that list.. Just my {educated} opinion
  6. by   livinlife1257
    I think I am going to take my pre-reqs on line from TCC that I need to bridge from LVN to RN after that I will apply to both and see what happens. Thanks you two for your help !