San jacinto college lvn spring 2013 - page 2

Just wanted some support from all who are applying to San Jacs lvn spring program! I already turned in my application with a score of 88 on the Hesi. I'm on pins and needles!! 😁... Read More

  1. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Thanks! Same to you!
  2. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Just got my acceptance letter!
  3. by   craigory37
    Me too!!!!!! So excited! Ive been checing m e-mail every 5 minutes like a crazy person! Congratulations to you!
  4. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Yay!!! Thanks, and congrats to you as well!!!
  5. by   drea930
    Congrats!! I got wait listed :/
  6. by   craigory37
    I know this sounds bad, but maybe someone will declne their acceptance or not pass the background check! :/
  7. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Dont lose hope. I'm sure you'll get accepted.
  8. by   Shekaluvsnursing
    Just remember, there's still people who have applied to several nursing programs(LVN, ADN, and BSN), and they have to choose one, and decline the rest.
  9. by   drea930
    Thank you!! I hope y'all are right!
  10. by   craigory37
    Hey Drea930!
    I went to pick up mu acceptance packet this morning! We were originally supposed to pick them up yesterday, but she said that i could pick mine up this morning. Anyways, I noticed that as she was giving me my packet, there was a stack of people that had not picke up theirs either. So keep checking your e-mail!
  11. by   drea930
    Oh wow ok thank you!! Hopefully we'll all be study buddies together next year! 😃
  12. by   drea930
    Hey craigory! When do y'all officially start the program? They just told me I was on an alternate list and didnt give me a waiting list number or date when y'all start.
  13. by   craigory37
    On 01/14/12 I believe. And we have orientation on 12/5.