San Jac / Alvin CC Clinicals

  1. Hey all. First post here. I live in the greater Houston area. After 10 years of boring myself in the accounting world, I am looking to change careers and go into nursing. I am looking at two ADN programs in my general area and have started researching San Jacinto College and Alving Community College.

    One question I have, for those of you who may have attended either of these programs, is:

    Where are clinicals for these programs conducted?

    Thanks for any input you may have!
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  3. by   AmyB
    I graduated from San Jac Central May 2005. The clinical sites range from the Medical Center to UTMB to East Houston RMC and I'm not sure how much further west and north of town.

    Good luck and best wishes with this change in your life.
  4. by   savedbutterfly
    I just graduated from San Jac Dec. 06 and my friend graduated May 06 from Alvin we both had clinicals that ranged to all of the hospitals in the area i counted and I went to 9 different hospitals and she went to 7. Another thing is when you register you did not know which clinical site you would have.

  5. by   NewBeginning
    Thanks! I appreciate the information!

    Nicole, Congrats on your graduation!
  6. by   freestylepnoi
    South Campus SJC ADN here, here are the hospitals

    ClearLake Regional Medical Center
    Memorial Hermann Hospital (Near BenTaub)
    Bentaub General Hospital
    Devereaux (Psych)
    HSPC (Psych)