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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on Nursing Schools in SA. I worked as an LPN in IL and am planning on going back to school for my RN here in Texas. I'm just not sure where to start, my daughter will be turning one in a couple of months so I'm starting to look for info on which are the most affordable and good schools to look into? Are there any hospitals who will do tuition reimbursement? Any advise would be great.

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    San Antonio College has a 9 month LVN-RN program, its an associates degree at a public school so its the most affordable option. If you can stand a few additional pre-reqs, I would look into UT Health Science Center which is a BSN program. You can find SACs nursing info at There are other private nursing schools like Baptist Health System, Galen, and some others. They are more expensive tho.University Hospital is a magnet award winning hospital, among others. They are doing a lot of expanding and offer AMAZING health benefits, differentials and tuition reimbursement, as well as student loan forgiveness and other perks like NCLEX-RN review course reimbursement and testing fees too. They are a public hospital, serving the underserved of south TX, a high volume of spanish speaking patients. Also the only level 1 trauma center and airlife program in the city. Www.universityhealthsystem.comThere are other private hospitals too, as well as Brook Army Medical Center (BAMC) which is a huge military hospital with a ton of benefits. I would assume they have tuition reimbursement, but you have to have 1 year of RN to work there. Not sure if there is an exception for LVN. The other three hospital systems are Christus, Methodist and Baptist. So many hospitals here!!Good luck!!