Relocating to San Antonio this Jan 2007 - page 2

:present1: hello! i am a med/surg/tele rn planning to relocate to san antonio this jan 2007 and wanted to ask anyone about good hospitals to work. undecided if will apply as regular or thru a... Read More

  1. by   dmsrob1014
    Dependable Medical Staffing. I could REALLY use a MedSurg/Tele RN for 7A or 7P. Southwest General has contracts available as well as per diem. It isn't far(5 miles) from downtown. They do primary nursing and the ratio is usually 5-6 to 1. I work out there alot myself.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you want to pick up any shifts. Oh yeah, the rate is $36/hr.
  2. by   Princess72
    Thanks for the offer but i need good medical benefits and wanted to be a regular staff. Does anyone works in Christus Santa Rosa or NE Baptist in telemetry or PCU floors. I got job offers on these two but undecided which one is the best? Any inputs...............thanks