Question about Labor and Delivery at Medical City Dallas

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am relocating to Dallas and I am most likely going to work at medical city dallas in their Labor and delivery unit as an RN. I am in the process of accepting their offer, but I really would like to know from someone that knows the hopsital and works or worked on that unit. Is it a good place to work? Do you recommend it? How many nurses do they really have during delivery? Do they have you do your csection recovery? How is staffing? And How is the pt to nurse ratio? is it a very busy unit? Please feel free to add whatever you feel like, so that I can know a little more about the place.

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  3. by   Baylornurse2018
    Congratulations on the offer. I've heard nothing but great things about medical city. I actually have an interview coming up with medical city. How was it?