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hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

  1. by   saraiish
    welcom...im going crazy over here! she said by the 31st
  2. by   Rn_to_be
    thanks! ahhh I'm going crazy as well..hopefully we get in! we should be getting them next week *crosses fingers*
  3. by   saraiish
    welcom...im going crazy over here! she said by the 31st
  4. by   saraiish
    soooooo...this week is the week.
  5. by   saraiish
    or maybe before!
  6. by   Rn_to_be
    yeah I'm pretty sure this week is the week, cause they said by the end of March so they probably sending it now! arggg it needs to hurry and come, i check the mail everyday.. lol
  7. by   saraiish
    me too my neighbor think im crazy, because as soon as i hear the mail truck, im out!
  8. by   Rn_to_be
    haha yeah, I just want this wait to be over.. its so overwhelming.
  9. by   saraiish
    well be sure to post as soon as you hear anything!
  10. by   Rn_to_be
    okay I will, you do the same :spin:
  11. by   saraiish
    i was just told that all letters should be mailed out by friday........ so it could be by friday or a little after.... last lass found out the 16th of this moth, surprised its taking this long this time around
  12. by   BNA_Houston
    i guess theres a diff process for generic students. LVN-BSN students went to the college Thursday of last week to pick up our acceptance packets and ALL the requirements are due by the 16th of April. Theres a lot on the list and it cost a lot of money LOL. I was told LVN and RNs have priority in admissions and maybe thats why they processed those people first. But wheres the rest of the people. I know theres more than us 3 on allnurses.com
  13. by   saraiish
    right?! for as many people as i know they are prossing i know there has to be more people on all nurses.....i guess its not that popular this term