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hey guys i am a fall 2012 applicant who was waitlisted last session, and who is reappling. i wanted to start a forum to support and inform all fall 2012 applicants... Read More

  1. by   knguyen9740
    yeah, i've been trying to check my admission status to the main university but i was never sent my login id and i don't know my student id.
  2. by   BNA_Houston
    I so don't want to go to that transfer day at the main campus!! I'm sure its just a bunch of formalities and basic info which could have been emailed
  3. by   LobstAr
    I know that the August 7th date is mandatory at the main campus. When you guys signed up for orientation did you choose 3 dates and get an email? I did and I got June 27... I think I may have made a mistake though. I forgot to request August 7th. SO I probably messed up and need to call them to fix it. Oops. Definitely do not want to go up there twice. Once is already unnecessary.
  4. by   cha_pa
    no, i didn't select any dates. i only left [color=#454545][font=sans-serif]“requesting august 7, 2012 nso for con” in the comment box
  5. by   knguyen9740
    I didn't pick any date either. I just did the same as you did cha_pa. For all those that are transfering to prairie view for the first time, do y'all have your student ID number yet? I don't know mine yet so I just left that part blank.
  6. by   BNA_Houston
    When you are admitted to the university they give you a student ID immediately
  7. by   knguyen9740
    Quote from LVNtoBSN
    When you are admitted to the university they give you a student ID immediately
    has anybody that's transfering been fully admitted yet to the univeristy?
  8. by   saraiish
    yes, they said you should be before you apply for the nursing program, because i you get into the program but not the university then your acceptance will be revoked.
  9. by   saraiish
    we dont have to go to transfer day just orientation. at least i dont think so, just the ones it says on the acceptance letter that we have to go to.
  10. by   LobstAr
    So now that everything's turned in, what now? Are we supposed to receive anything in our email? Also, when do we sign up for classes?
  11. by   saraiish
    hey! they send you periodic reminders, but nothing yet, let them know tho if you want to take summer classes
  12. by   cha_pa
    who all plans on going to the transfer day orientation aug 7??
  13. by   LobstAr
    It's mandatory for all of us who get accepted to go. I still haven't gotten a confirmation email