Parkland or Baylor?

  1. So given the choice between the 2 hospitals, which would you choose? I'm in ER myself, but any opinion on the hospitals as a whole would help too, I'm looking to join forces with one of them! THanks!
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  3. by   LovingOBFutureFNP
    If I ever move back to Dallas, I'd go back to Parkland in a heartbeat. Working in their ER would be an incredible experience for you. The ER is divided into medicine, surgery, trauma, psych, and OB/GYN units. The OB area is staffed with OB nurses and is run by the OB/GYN residents with the exception of the occasional family practice or ER intern. I believe that the psych area has its own staffing too. Both hospitals are teaching hospitals, so you'd be working with residents at either location. The patient load at Parkland is larger, and it's a much different patient population. Baylor has more private patients, whereas Parkland's patients tend to be uninsured or underinsured, from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and there are many illegal patients. If you have issues working with any of the above, it's not the place to work. Other Parkland pluses: nationally known for its OB, trauma, and critical care, competitive pay and good benefits, and it's a close knit place to work. Parkland nurses look out for each other. You might have heard it said "you'll see more in 6 months at Parkland than other people will ever see in their career," and I agree.
  4. by   ACRN06
    Awesome! Thank you so much for your response LovingOBFutureFNP! Thats exactly the kind of information I was looking for!
    I think its the place for me...I'm crossing my fingers that I get in!
    Its also good to hear that the nurses have eachother's back there. I've worked in many hospitals thru travel nursing and some departments have just a plain hostile environment and it can really make work a living hell.